Main Skt Mss -- "Saantideva's BCA

Wed May 29 23:27:13 UTC 2002

Richard Mahoney wrote:

>I'm trying to find were the main Skt Mss of "Saantideva's
>Bodhicaryaavataara have gone to ground.

Can you get access to "Bongo Butten no Kenkyuu"  Vol III Ronsho (A study of
Sanskrit Buddhist Texts -- Vol III Shaastras), Heirakuji 1990  ?  A
knowledge of Japanese is useful but not essential to get some benefit from
this invaluable work -- most ms details are given in English.  This book
lists full details of over 40 mss (including commentaries with the verse
Note that the India Office Library has now been amalgamated with the Britsih
Library and so you should perhaps direct your enquiries there for some of
them.  I also suspect that many of the Nepalese mss have been microfilmed by
the NGMPP.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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