New book on Indus Script

Dean Anderson dean_anderson at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 27 02:47:51 UTC 2002

Yes, it's brand new. I've seen Possehl's  book. Also the claim of this new
book to provide "a breakthrough in decipherment" prompted me to
(sceptically) ask if someone else had read it first before I ordered it.

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> >
> > Title : Indus Script and Its Language
> > Sub-Title : (an in-depth structural analysis)
> > Author : Rama Sarker
> > Price : Rs.800
> > ISBN : 81-85616-70-1
> > About the book : This book being the first critical assessment of all
> > significant attempts at decipherment of the Indus script and
> > involved in the models, explains how a breakthrough in decipherment has
> > achieved as a sequel to scientific analysis. It has highlighted the
> > made in decoding the Indus people.
> I haven't seen this book (it must be brand new), but it is certainly not
> first such assessment.  Greg Possehl's book is.   EB

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