nAsty udyamasamo bandhu.h

Stefan Baums sbaums at GMX.NET
Thu Jan 24 01:39:10 UTC 2002

Dear list,

I am looking for the source of the following half-"sloka:

   nAsty udyamasamo bandhu.h nAvasIdati

According to Apte, Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary,
s.v. ava-sad-, it is from Bh[art.rhari], but I have been unable to
find it D. D. Kosambi's edition with pAda index.

The quote appears on Rasmus Rask's gravestone in the
Assistenskirkegård in Copenhagen, cf.
(if anybody is interested, I can email him/her a better photograph).


Stefan Baums
Københavns Universitet

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