New book on Indus Script

Edwin F. Bryant edbryant at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Thu Jan 24 19:01:47 UTC 2002

> Title : Indus Script and Its Language
> Sub-Title : (an in-depth structural analysis)
> Author : Rama Sarker
> Price : Rs.800
> ISBN : 81-85616-70-1
> About the book : This book being the first critical assessment of all
> significant attempts at decipherment of the Indus script and technicalities
> involved in the models, explains how a breakthrough in decipherment has been
> achieved as a sequel to scientific analysis. It has highlighted the progress
> made in decoding the Indus people.

I haven't seen this book (it must be brand new), but it is certainly not the
first such assessment.  Greg Possehl's book is.   EB

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