Is Unicode welcome yet on the list?

Stefan Baums sbaums at GMX.NET
Thu Jan 24 01:50:42 UTC 2002

Dear List,

since all the major operating systems and email clients have come to
support Unicode by now (even though it might require some
configuration), I was wondering whether its use for sending email
messages with proper diacritics (instead of Harvard-Kyoto
"transliteration") might be welcome on this list, or in other words,
how many of the participants do not yet use software supporting it.
As a test, here's the half-"sloka of my last post in proper Unicode

   nāsty udyamasamo bandhuḥ kurvāṇo nāvasīdati

I realise that this is a touchy subject, and that some out there even
still continue to write "ae oe ue" for the German umlauts etc., so
please be gentle...

Kind regards,
Stefan Baums

Stefan Baums
Københavns Universitet

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