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My humble opinion,

You should do what works best for you, since it is clear from the recent
exchange on the subject you will inevitably disappoint some and please

Having said that, as someone who has done some typesetting, I enjoy the
challenge of comlex layouts, such as have been proposed. However, with 1200
pages, I think it would be rather more costly to your publishers (and
therefore to your readers), to lay out text, translation and notes on facing

With two (or more) volumes, and a big desk, one can acheive the same effect
as facing pages, by having both volumes open at the same time. But this
won't help those who like to read on the bus.

And for what its worth, I'm very happy that Monier Williams comes in a
single volume.


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> My humble opinion:
> - two volumes, text in one, translation in the other.
> Or:
> - text on one page, translation on the adjacent page (a nightmare in terms
> of layouting unless you have omnipotent software!).
> Having half the text/translation in one and the second half in the other
> inconvenient, as the reader would have to constantly go back and forth in
> one and the same book. I suppose publishing text and translation in
> separate volumes is the most convenient solution for the reader, and also
> the most convenient solution in terms of doing the layout.
> > At 02:37  15/04/02 -0500, Patrick Olivelle wrote:
> >> Friends:
> >>
> >> This is an unusual request, but since an edition is intended to be
> >> USEFUL to the readers, I thought I would canvas your opinions.
> >>
> >> As many of you know, I am in the final stages of preparing the
> >> critical edition of the Manava Dharmasastra. The question is whether
> >> to publish it in a single but large volume, or to divide it into two
> >> volumes. I have to resolve this in the next month or two, because the
> >> placing of the notes will be determined by this decision. The
> >> edition, translation, critical apparatus, notes, indices, etc will
> >> run to approximately 1200 pages. I have been told that it is
> >> technically possible to produce a volume with that many pages.
> >>
> >> If it is divided into two volumes, one will contain the text and the
> >> other the translation, with the rest divided between the two.
> >>
> >> The question is whether two volumes or a single volume would serve
> >> the reader best. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and your
> >> vote. Thanks.
> >>
> >> Patrick
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