Mahes Raj Pant mahesrajpant at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 12 11:31:03 UTC 2002

Dear List Members

I have come across a term Dinakhayasam.kraanti in a mid-sixteenth century
Nepalese inscription. As we know, there are 12 sam.kraanti-s in a year and
the word in question means the passage of the sun from one ra.shi to the
next. We also know that a sam.kraanti is prefixed either with the name of a
zodiac or of a month and this helps us in identifying a month according to
the solar reckoning.
> From the context of the inscription I can say that the term is expressive of
the Makarasam.kraanti. I am just wondering why it is called Dinakshaya. I
think it has nothing to do with the literal meaning of dinakhaya. Could you
tell me what this means in the present context and whether the term is
attested elsewhere or not.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mahes Raj Pant

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