Once more dinakshaya-sam.kraanti

Mahes Raj Pant mahesrajpant at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 12 13:09:06 UTC 2002

Dear List Members

just checking once more the photo of the inscription I found that the
correct reading is dinakshaya. If you translate it literally, needless to
point out, it means 'day-decline', as Monier-Williams does. Traditionally,
the udag-ayana starts on the day of the Makara- sam.kraanti and this
sam.kranti this year occured on 14 January. Due to the precession of the
equinoxes the makara-sam.kraanti is observed these days 23 days behind, as
Kane has noticed. Is not correct that when winter solstice occures days
start being longer day by day?

Mahes Raj Pant

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