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Traditionally the word zariira is derived from the root zRR (which is
listed in the sense of hi.msana "injure", z.r.naati, past pple by
adding an affix  -iiran, cf. the U.naadisuutra 4.30:
kRR-zRR-pRR-ka.ti-pa.ti-zau.ti-bhya.h iiran.  The fact that this is
accounted for by the U.naadisuutra also means that Panini himself
considered this word as an underived nominal.  Yaaska's Nirukta (2.16) also
derives zariira the same way: zariiram z.r.naate.h

                                                Madhav Deshpande

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> Colleagues:
> Is there some general agreement on the etymology of the word zariira?
> For reasons I do not entirely understand, there seem to be two roots
> traditionally associated with the word, zri and zRR (boy, that comes
> out looking weird in this system!). Mayrhoffer if I understand him
> correctly seems to favor the latter.  Any thoughts or references?
> many thanks, jonathan
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