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Title:          Lecturer in Religious Studies

Position Location:      School of Art History, Classics and
Religious Studies

Dates of Appointment:   Permanent position available from
February 2002, subject to a probationary period.

Reports to:     Head of School

Date:                           August 2001

Salary Scale:                   NZ$47,125 -NZ$56,770 per annum

Position No:                    HSS 145

Closing date:                   12 October 2001

The Lecturer in Religious Studies must work in the best interests of
the University (including its community of students and staff), within
relevant legislation and in accordance with the University Charter.

The Lecturer in Religious Studies must also assist the University to
meet its vision, and strive to behave in a manner that reinforces the
University's values.


We will provide transforming and lifelong educational
experiences to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and
nationalities.  These experiences will be informed by the Treaty of
Waitangi and by the special nature of Wellington as the capital city
and cultural centre of New Zealand. Our teaching and learning will be
innovative, and invigorated by being firmly embedded in a culture of
internationally recognised research.  We will also be innovative in the
way we organise and manage ourselves and in our willingness to consider
future opportunities.

We will participate actively in our local community.  From our
Wellington base we will also create worldwide opportunities for our
staff and students. All our staff will be able to demonstrate links
into the international network of scholars, scholarship and research,
thereby adding breadth, diversity and depth to our perspectives.
Internationally we will be well-regarded as a leading Australasian
university; and as world leaders in chosen areas of scholarship and


- our staff and students:

by maintaining and protecting the academic freedom of our staff and

by recognising that our most valuable assets are the specialist and
professional knowledge and skills of our staff and the intellectual
achievements of our staff and students

by fostering a community of learning involving all staff and students

by providing a supportive environment that will enable staff and
students to develop to their full potential

by acting to ensure that all members of the University community are
treated with respect and concern for their rights

by providing staff and students with the opportunity to be involved in
the making of decisions that affect them.


by pursuing equity in educational and employment opportunity

by recognising the Treaty of Waitangi as the basis for relationships
with Maori

by promoting research, teaching and scholarship in Maori language,
culture and history

by supporting our multicultural community.


in developing future teaching and learning opportunities

in the way we organise and manage the university

by being receptive to new and creative ideas.


by promoting the highest quality in teaching, scholarship and research

by embedding quality in all that we do.


by upholding the highest ethical and professional standards

by behaving in an open, honest and consistent way.


The School of Art History, Classics and Religious
Studies has recently been formed in an amalgamation of the former
Departments of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies.

The successful candidate will become part of an enthusiastic team of
creative specialists teaching and researching in various areas of
Religious Studies in the capital city of New Zealand.  The Programme
offers degree courses from BA to doctoral level.

Religious Studies recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary at
Victoria.  The foundation professor was appointed in 1970 and lectures
began in 1972.  Since then the department has grown to include six full
time lecturers.  Student enrolments continue to strengthen.  Some of
our Honours graduates have won scholarships to undertake further
studies in the UK, the United States, and Europe.  Some of our senior
graduates have found teaching positions in departments in New Zealand
and in other countries. Others are in a variety of employment
situations in New Zealand. Present staff are all actively involved in
research projects and publish regularly in their fields of interest.
The Religious Studies web site

Presents complex ideas and concepts effectively.


A completed or nearly completed PhD in a relevant field.

Experience Required:

Competence in languages relevant to area of research

Fieldwork experience would be an advantage.

For further information of an academic nature please contact Associate
Professor Jim Veitch, Programme Director, Religious Studies (tel: +64 4
463 5394; fax: +64 4 463 5065; email:
jim.veitch at vuw.ac.nz)

Applications should be sent to:

Human Resource Assistant

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

PO Box 600


New Zealand

(fax +64 4-463 5209, e-mail hss-appoint at vuw.ac.nz) by the closing date
of 12 October 2001. Please quote reference HSS 145.

Victoria University of Wellington is an EEO employer and
actively seeks to meet its obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi. A
diverse workforce is highly desirable to meet these goals. We welcome
applications from women and men from all cultures and backgrounds.

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