NDFL; was "Central Asian Linguists Wanted"

Christian K. Wedemeyer wedemeyer at HUM.KU.DK
Mon Oct 1 09:46:56 UTC 2001

NDFL was not "allowed to lapse."  It merely had its name changed to
FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies), so as to camouflage its
Cold War/Sputnik roots.

Even as we speak, students continue to be funded by this program. .
.and who knows?  Some of them may even be able to get jobs now!



>What ever happened to all those graduate students whose PhDs were partly
>subsidized by the National Defense Foreign Languages Act in the 60s?
>All retired by now, or gone?  When was the NDFL program allowed to lapse?
>Joanna Kirkpatrick
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>>  Hmm.  I wondered whether this would happen.  Interesting.
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