NDFL; was "Central Asian Linguists Wanted"

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As Christian points out, the FLAS program continues to function.  However,
even under this program, the universities are generally trying to find
languages which will have a reasonable enrollment.  That means it is easier
to teach languages like Hindi/Urdu, but it is difficult to sustain
languages like Pashtu.  That is why it has been difficult to find
institutions teaching Pashtu.  At the University of Michigan, Hindi/Urdu
teaching costs are covered through reasonably high enrollments, but the
teaching costs for Punjabi are covered through an endowment from the Sikh
community, while the teaching costs for Tamil are covered in part from a
contribution from the local Tamil Sangam.  But it has not been possible for
us to expand to include other languages from South Asia.

Madhav Deshpande

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> NDFL was not "allowed to lapse."  It merely had its name changed to
> FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies), so as to camouflage its
> Cold War/Sputnik roots.
> Even as we speak, students continue to be funded by this program. .
> .and who knows?  Some of them may even be able to get jobs now!
> Best,
> Christian
>> What ever happened to all those graduate students whose PhDs were partly
>> subsidized by the National Defense Foreign Languages Act in the 60s?
>> All retired by now, or gone?  When was the NDFL program allowed to lapse?
>> Joanna Kirkpatrick
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>>>  Hmm.  I wondered whether this would happen.  Interesting.
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