, Idiom, and, Grammar, (and, chariots, again!)

Subrahmanya S. subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 10 02:51:10 UTC 2001

First a couple of issues in response to S.Farmer:

6.75 speaks nothing about a "indo-european war chariot" ?
Is it right for a scholar to assume that any generic wheeled contraption
mentioned in the RV is a "fast two wheeled indo-european war chariot" ?

pg 29 of Sparreboom contains nothing about the RV.
Infact Sparreboom after discussing a passage from the
Baudhayana srauta sutra and explaining that a rathavaahana was moveable
stand to hold the chariot - writes: "It may be considered strange that
a light two wheeled vehicle is transported on another car.
Could a chariot, fit for battle or a race not be driven to the
scene of action by itself ?"

Then Sparreboom goes onto speculate that maybe the race chariot
was disassembled when not in use !  - In a footnote it is then
admitted that "there is no explicit reference to
its dismantling".

Is this the kind of speculation that is given as reference
for evidence of a war chariot ?

>Steve Farmer wrote:
>Now that we agree that I'm a
>comparative historian and not a Vedicist, is there a *specific*
> >Indological issue that you want to discuss on the List? I'm always
>eager to learn from knowledgeable scholars.

Well how about pointing out the evidence where you have
found a "indo european war chariot" and the criteria you
have used to identify it as a indo-european war chariot ?


How about answering the following questions that Dr.Kochhar asked ?

1.What is a war chariot?
2.How does it differ from a peace chariot?
3.What type are the chariots divinities like Indra and Surya ride?
4.Are their chariots as old as the Rgveda?


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