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Subrahmanya S. [SMTP:subrahmanyas at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 10. april 2001 04:51:
> pg 29 of Sparreboom contains nothing about the RV.
> Infact Sparreboom after discussing a passage from the
> Baudhayana srauta sutra and explaining that a rathavaahana was moveable
> stand to hold the chariot - writes: "It may be considered strange that
> a light two wheeled vehicle is transported on another car.
> Could a chariot, fit for battle or a race not be driven to the
> scene of action by itself ?"

I can't help pointing out that even the modern "war chariot", the tank, is
transported to battle by another vehicle. Tanks are vulnerable to certain
kinds of conditions, and it makes sense not to run them on roads for long
stretches. The same probably holds true for ancient war chariots. They were
built for specific purposes, and you did not want to spoil them by running
them on rough ground not suited for them. And as a means of ordinary
transport, they must have been both uncomfortable and unpractical.

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