neo-Orientalism (ii)

C.R. Selvakumar selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA
Tue Oct 31 15:01:56 UTC 2000

'>'> As far as I can see, the Dravidian race theory has practically
'>'> no benefits for a united India. It only encourages seperatism and
'>'> liguistic chauvnism. Sure, Tamil need not take a second place to
'>'> Sanskrit. Let's consider them as equals and derived from an even
'>'> earlier tongue. Let's have Tamil recognized as a classical
'>'> language. So why should the Tamils have any problems with this?
'>'> I think normal Tamils will be more than satisfied with this. But
'>'> what about the "Dravidian" scholars? Are they scared of losing
'>'> their relevance if such a theory is accepted?
'>'As it is clear from your words, you can not even understand that scientific
'>'theories are born out of a man's will to gain knowledge about the world he
'>'lives in, to understand its laws and its history. The theories (if they are
'>'really theories and not wishful thinking) are based on the sum of all facts
'>'available to scholars at a particular moment. The theories (if they are
'>'really theories) are never created for money or at the order of political
'>'bosses, to suit a certain political situation, to "encourage" something, or
'>'"satisfy" somebody, or to give somebody "benefits".
'>'    You apply to the scholarship criteria which would rather fit cheap
'>'political journalism.
'>'    In this posting, as many times before, you insult not only Indology, but
'>'scholarship in general.
'>'        If you do not have any idea of what scholarship is, why don't you
'>'leave this scholarly list alone?
'>'      Dear colleagues, I am sorry if I broke the ban on polemics by this
'>'letter. I am ready to be punished for it. I only feel that aggressiveness,
'>'arrogance and hatred which fill every word in the postings of Nanda
'>'Chandran - the man who does know nothing of the things he speaks about -
'>'cannot be tolerated anymore.

   I echo the same feelings as Y. Vassilkov. Because it would be
   a sheer waste of time and effort, seeing the *attitude* of the poster
   Mr. Nanda  Chandran, I had not responded. His hate-filled,
   aryan-centric and caste-supremacy-filled postings are a disgrace
   to this scholarly list.


'>'     Regards,
'>'        Yaroslav Vassilkov

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