neo-Orientalism (i)

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Mon Oct 30 22:32:11 UTC 2000

> (Perhaps we can coin another word: 'Occidentalism'.)

This has already been done.

Images of the West; Edited by James G. Carrier,

This is an investigation of Western cultural identity. It shows how people's
images of themselves and others reflect the power that different groups in a
society have to shape these images. The contributors describe these images in
Western academic writing, popular Western culture, and societies outside the
West, in this counterpart to Edward Said's Orientalism.

One lady advocates using "Occidentalism" for profit in capitalist China.

A Theory of Counter-Discourse in Post-Mao China
Xiaomei Chen, OUP, 1995
After Edward Said's celebrated Orientalism in which he characterized
cross-cultural appropriation as being intrinsic to Western imperialism, Xiaomei
Chen argues that the appropriation of Western discourse - what she calls
`Occidentalism' - can have an artistically and politically liberating effect in
contemporary non-Western culture. Using China as a focus for analysis, Chen
examines various cultural and political East and West interrelations.

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