SuuyagaDa and its equivalent Sanskrit

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 26 17:06:18 UTC 2000

On dRSTi meaning "wrong views" please have a look at the Pali Text
Society dictionary under diTThi to see how this word is used in
another heterodox school. I don't have my Prakrit dictionaries with
me but they should be worth a look too, not to mention the
all-important Sanskrit commentary on the SUyagaDa by ZIlA.Nka
(printed in 1880, 1917, 1936-40, 1950-53 and translated into Hindi
1922-32). Certainly the opening section of the commentary, written
in 861 CE, must explain the title in some way or other.

'tiTTi' means the "evil eye" in Tamil (tiTTi < diTThi).
'tiTTi paTutal'=casting evil eye (on a child, etc.,).
'tiTTi-p-poTTu'=tilak to avoid "evil eye".

In addition, 'tiTTi' means a snake who kills by spewing poison
from its eyes. There is a beautiful poem in Kamban's epic where
Kumpakarnan chides his brother for not leaving Sita immediately
and, now a destructive war. Sita's chastity and words
are compared to this 'tiTTi' poison.

kiTTiyatO, ceru? kiLar pon2 cItaiyaic
cuTTiyatO? mun2am, con2n2a coRkaLAl,
tiTTiyin2 viTam an2n2a kaRpin2 celviyai
viTTilaiyO? itu vitiyin2 vaNNamE!

                             - Kavichakravarti Kambar
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