SuuyagaDa and its equivalent Sanskrit

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Wed Oct 25 23:37:58 UTC 2000

Hi Tomo

I cannot answer your question directly but I can contribute a comment and a

On dRSTi meaning "wrong views" please have a look at the Pali Text Society
dictionary under diTThi to see how this word is used in another heterodox
school. I don't have my Prakrit dictionaries with me but they should be
worth a look too, not to mention the all-important Sanskrit commentary on
the SUyagaDa by ZIlA.Nka (printed in 1880, 1917, 1936-40, 1950-53 and
translated into Hindi 1922-32). Certainly the opening section of the
commentary, written in 861 CE, must explain the title in some way or other.

I suggest you contact Dr. Willem B. Bollée in Bamberg, he has done major
work on this text and would have (I am sure) a considerable amount to say
about the title of this work. Dr. Bollée's publication is detailed below
(off-list I will send you his fax number since he does not use email nor
subscribe to INDOLOGY).

Willem B. Bollée
Studien zum Suyagada : die Jainas und die anderen Weltanschauungen vor der
Zeitenwende : Textteile, Nijjutti, Übersetzung und Anmerkungen. Wiesbaden :
Franz Steiner, 1977-88. 2 v. (Schriftenreihe des Südasiens-Instituts der
Universität Heldelberg : Band 24, 31).

Some of the many reviews of this work:
J.W. de Jong in IIJ [dare I cite this shibboleth now?] 22 (1980) 75-77;
K. R. Norman (Teil 1) in WZKS 25 (1981) 195-203 (Teil 2) in WZKS 36 (1992)
Colette Caillat in Numen 26 (1979) 106-110;
Hermann Tieken WZKS 30 (1986) 5-25.

Royce Wiles
Asian History Centre
Faculty of Asian Studies
Australian National University

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