Regarding indology and intuitive knowledge

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Tue Oct 24 23:58:12 UTC 2000

>From: "C.R. Selvakumar" <selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA>

Dear C.R.Selvakumar

Bob asked the right question which opens up a gold mine, into which many
neuro scientists, physiological psychologists and psychophysicsts are now
delving into. What Nobel prizes? I think Nobel society will go belly up if
people start digging this area! (belly up is American slang for bankrupt).

I got upset in the morning with Dominik's remark about "knowledge/instinct"
because that reminded me of my 8 years of work in a public sector gone waste
after whatever I tried.  (Freud effect of childhood experiences?) Now that I
am back to normal, let us go.

Let us be careful, this list is to exchange final research materials. So if
we discuss any "raw data" or "speculations" let us label it properly
otherwise people may take it for facts.

In Telugu ullam means heart. The word is used as "ullAsamu" (joyfulness) or
"ullamu jhallumane" (Heart gasped).

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