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>From: Bob Peck <rpeck at NECA.COM>

>One serious limitation I found was that Indians tend to identify their
>center of being within their chest whereas Westerners identify their center
>as being in their head. Similarly the Indian source of vitality lies within
>the guts rather than in the chest. Does not this basic difference lead to
>differences in interpreting literature?

That was a perfect observation Bob! I still believe "dharma" is still living
on one of its frail legs.

My finding was that gut is where Vedic somA is located.

If you check New York Times site for "gut, brain tissue, Sandara Blakeslee"
you will find
1) Complex and Hidden Brain in Gut Makes Stomachaches and Butterflies
EVER wonder why people get "butterflies" in the stomach before going on
stage? Or why an impending job interview can cause an attack of intestinal
cramps? And why antidepressants targeted for the brain cause nausea or
abdominal upset in millions of p ...

          January 23, 1996, Tuesday
          Science Desk , 2393 words

The article says gut has brain tissue which generates ephedrines and a whole
lot of chemicals that brai also generates. No wonder somA is an ephedrous
plant. I am not sure if it is a mushroom, but it may be a plant that has

This second brain acts as another source of thoughts, and this takes care of
body's needs. Call it body's brain if you will. But this will be quickly
overtaken by conscious thought processes of the brain which in other words
is crammed with the "Vedic gods" such as Indra, bRhaspati who vie for this
somA and try to monopolize it. Hope this helps for now.

I am sorry I did not mean to attack Dominik. The subject of this list  is
for really "Comparative Linguistics" but using the word "Indology" and not
doing justice for it is not fair. It raises hopes which will be killed
rtuhlessly. By doing this, the most important aspects are being missed
out...what yAjnavalkyA used to say "throwing out the embers and doing
oblations on ashes".

All over the world Neurologists have opened a "Neuro-linguistics"
department, where as linguists are left far behind. In fact
Neuro-Linguistics belongs to linguists, and Neurologists must be  working on
"Linguistic Neurology".

Now linguists have no choice other than settling for Linguistic Neurology.

My subject is Contemplative Vedic Neuro-linguistics. Hope you will all study
it posthumously!

Bye for now
Bhadraiah Mallampalli
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