Regarding indology and intuitive knowledge

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> >Why should it be so? Afterall we all converse in the same language,
> >right? If I claim something and I'm wrong, somebody just has to
> >show why - based on reason and factual evidence. Will merely applying
> >to some supposed authority on the subject because he differs in his
> >views, suffice?
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> >Here we come to the crux of the problem. There are two positions
> >- intuitive and analytical. The one who would combine both is ideally
> >an Indian Indologist.
> One serious limitation I found was that Indians tend to identify their
> center of being within their chest whereas Westerners identify their
> as being in their head. Similarly the Indian source of vitality lies
> the guts rather than in the chest. Does not this basic difference lead to
> differences in interpreting literature?
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I may also add that in the Tamil popular conception throat viz 'nenju' also
occupies the place of justice, equity, fairness, etc.

There are common expressions like Nenjukku needhi i.e a cry for justice, or
'Nenju ketkavillai' which literally means Throat did not accept it which is
understood to be 'I felt something unfair and monstrous'

I wonder whether any Tamil scholars have something to add on this with
examples from literature

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