Whines in India (was Re: "Science" in India)

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Oct 24 03:53:28 UTC 2000

>A total of 39 Science/Technology Institutes...
>... eight (the largest number from any single country) are from India.
>Five of the top eight schools are from India.

>Even Japan .... has only five schools ....

So sorry, fuzzy math!

If Japan had the population of India, it should have/would need 8 times as
many top institutions, thus c. 40  ....

But, not with just 120 million people: for whom would they produce all
these engineers/technocrats? For export?

India has five schools and should have, in comparison to Japan's
population, c. 40 !


China (minus HK, Taiwan) with just 5 is roughly comparable.

Simple absolute numbers don't do it. Otherwise, what about relatively small
Singapur and Hongkong, having one each??  Or, Thailand, etc. etc. etc.
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