Studies in Medieval Poetry of Maharashtra

Christian Lee Novetzke cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Mon Oct 23 02:14:50 UTC 2000


In addition to Professor Deshpande's suggestions, you might have your
friend contact Mr. Manjul, who can be tracked down through BORI.  He will
certainly know where to direct your friend.  Also if your friend intends to
study Jnandev, Namdev, the Mahanubhavas, or any other texts in Old Marathi,
he should get copies of Master's _A Grammar of Old Marathi_, Tulpule's _An
Old Marathi Reader_, and Tulpule and Feldhaus' _A Dictionary of Old Marathi_.


At 07:44 PM 10/22/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear List Members,
>A friend of mine is planning to study the poetry of the Poet Saints of
>Maharashtra.  He will be beginning studying modern Marathi in Long Island
>New York and then he will be going to Maharashtra for the period of June
>thru August 2001 to study there.  Can anyone recommend any contacts
>(individual or institutional) in Maharashtra to help him learn both modern
>and old Marathi and to help guide him into the study of the poetry of the
>Poet-Saints.  (I already have the contact from the old posting of Ashok
>Aklujkar for Prof. Arjunwadkar)
>Many thanks,
>Harry Spier
>371 Brickman Rd.
>Hurleyville, New York
>USA 12747
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