"Science" in India

Prasad Velusamy prasad_velusamy at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 21 19:26:09 UTC 2000

>At base, what Farmer is trying to do is to find for himself some way
>of understanding how Rajram, Kak, and others can write history that is so
>at variance with the standard model, and is based on poor evidence,
>misleading argumentation, and so forth.  How can someone
>do something so inexplicable?  Why would a scholar, someone dedicated
>to truth, write a book containing untruth?

>These are very puzzling matters, and not at all obvious.  I read Farmer's
>posting as an attempt to blame bad historiography on poor education.  I
>think his argument has some merit, but was rather too simple, and rather
>sweeping.  But it certainly deserved an airing.

Dear Dr. Steve Farmer,

There is one institution in India that won't
yield much to analysis of "comparative history".
It is called Caste. It's changing
though. In a Democracy, numbers count and
the Brahminical system is transforming into
one of inclusiveness, a 180 degree turn from
the usual.

For millennia, Indians were told about how everything
on earth came from Veda. Now the Linguists and
Archaeologists tell a different story based on their
studies. Hard to digest, some highest caste persons like
Rajaram et al., try to alter Indology by their intense
propaganda. It is interesting that the term Dravidian,
which means "Tamil-like" in Sanskrit, is attacked
vigorously. Strikingly, you will find that the lowest
strata of castes, called Dalits nowadays, are not bent
upon finding a horse in Indus seals.

More than bad education in humanities, the last
ditch effort to salvage their caste's position
plays a role in all these. There are other factors as well.

Best wishes,

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