"Science" in India

Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sat Oct 21 19:01:28 UTC 2000

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

> These are very puzzling matters, and not at all obvious.  I read Farmer's
> posting as an attempt to blame bad historiography on poor education.  I
> think his argument has some merit, but was rather too simple, and rather
> sweeping.  But it certainly deserved an airing.

Dear Dominik,

I must assume that this forum does not have any political agenda
like many other forums have.  I don't see the other forums because
most of it are opinions.  The question is what sort of opinions
would you tolerate in this forum?  Once an opinion is floated,
counter-opinions are bound to exist.  In earlier times, you
were expelling people for some violations.  I have not been very
clear what you consider research and what you would definitely
consider an opinion.

When you said "it certainly deserved an airing", is it an opinion
of yours or is it the basis of the rationale?  Also why "airing"
here?  For what reason?  Is poor Indian science hurting Indology?
Is it to prove that Rajaram is a product of bad education?
Since sometimes we claim that we belong in the "Indology" list,
it would help clarify the position.  I wish well of you, but we
have to be clear in our objectives and candid in our foundation.
Hope you would try your best to keep the forum out of politics and
political activists.  In case you yourself get to a "political bias",
this just becomes "another" list.  If deterioration is allowed,
there is no bottom.


Bijoy Misra

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