"Science" in India

Kumar kumar at OSWEGO.EDU
Sat Oct 21 19:33:35 UTC 2000

This is in response to Steve Farmer's posting in which he labeled my posting as
an attack on him.  It was not.  His personal life is not my interest and was not
central to my posting.  He is the one who shared this information to all.  He has
not replied to my objection that he should not desecrate a whole generation of
Indian scientists and engineers based on his scanty personal observations and a
magazine article.  It is not a scholarly practice. That was the central theme of
my posting and Steve ignored it.

Domink Wujastyk, the moderator, called Steve's posting "rather too simple and
rather sweeping."  That was precisely my point.  Domink also mentioned that Steve
"should have realized he would be poking a stick into a beehive."  Well, he did
not despite his humanistic training.

All domains of knowledge evolve out of infinite mutations. Different views are
common, a norm too,  in the intellectual world. It should not lead to cultural
insensitivity or name-calling. To prove my point that I have nothing against
Steve Farmer on a personal level, this is my last posting on this issue.
Alok Kumar

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