Quality Intellect

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sat Oct 21 11:44:11 UTC 2000

Quality Intellect

S. Farmer wrote:

<<The question in this forum is whether being an
engineer qualifies you to speak on Indological issues,
especially when you come from a system that mistakes
narrow technological training for a broader education.
This is a problem in US schools as well, but at a
lesser level. It is much less...>>

Forum Members:

I would like to suggest that essential quality does
not in any way require "qualification," and that the
sole requirement for participating in this Electronic
"Indian Studies" Forum is that one be in possession of
a quality intellect. The question to this forum, then,
might rather be stated as, "What distinguishes a
quality intellect?"

In the context of this forum, I would further suggest
that a quality intellect would express itself in a
clear-cut, elucidating, and above all endearing manner
that imbues not only our immediate forum, but the
broader intellectual community, and--why
not?�"humankind as a whole" with the very
inner-workings its quality.

Our wide-ranging backgrounds should have nothing at
all to do with this. A quality intellect should
certainly be able to crap the cut right away.

Ven. Tantra

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