Diversification on Indology

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Sat Oct 21 00:56:36 UTC 2000

Truth about the prehistory of India will evolve gradually only through the
diversified views.It is necessary for all interested parties to be patient,
to follow the Golden Middle Path of Gautama Buddha and to avoid the
activities of name calling, labeling and threatening to the participants
whose views differ from yours.Conflicts arise when one uses the evolving
information to demote history, culture, religion, race of others and to
promote his own.Political and religious activities based upon evolving and
hence partial information should be discouraged all over the earth by
scholars familiar with the intricacies of the research processes. One
should look at the positive side of the Indology discussions where valuable
information is exchanged and ignore small percentage of the errors.
Diversification in Indology participants should be encouraged instead of
the formation of the Tom,Dick,Harry backyard barbecue group.To the best of
my knowledge the Indology participant Dr. Ganesan is an engineer by
profession. From his Indology postings I got understanding about the south
Indian languages and culture deeper than the syncretic constructs of some
trained Indologists.I belive Truth will make everybody happy, not one group
or the other.There is no conflict in the Truth. Conflicts are in our minds.
Patience with politenes is needed.Deepavali greetings to all.N.R.Joshi

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