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>showed relationship of Tamil to MiddleEast languages all way to Africa.Does
>this mean that the Shiv and Goddess worship, Vijayadashami and Tamil
>language were brought to India during Dravidian/Semitic aggression? Is the
>name Abdi-Kheba a Dravidian/Tamil name? Thanks. N.R.Joshi

Having gone all the way to the Middle East and Africa, why
leave out ancient Egypt, the mother of all civilizations, as
acknowledged by the Greeks themselves? The Egyptians who came
to India never enslaved the Hebrews who came to India, for
they were now in the land of uninterrupted communal harmony.
Or else, they both came under the secularizing influence of
ancient Tamil culture. And you know, Horus, the Egyptian
falcon/sun god, healer of snakebites, could be the precursor
of Garuda in Indian myth. Proto-Dravidian speakers converted
word-initial h in Horus to k. In Tamil, karu means black, and
of course, the ancient Indo-Aryans, who all looked like modern
Western Europeans, would have none of that. So when the evil
Indo-Aryans came along, they converted k to g, and voila
(bring out the drumrolls here), you have Garut. Hop, skip
and jump, and add the suffix -man => Garutman. From Garutman
to Garuda is a piece of cake. Everybody who was not Indo-Aryan
then became Dalit. To escape their oppression, the Dravidian
people went to Southeast Asia, and took the Indian Garuda
with them. Horus and Garuda are both connected to kingship.
So even today, Indonesia has Garuda Air, while Egypt Air has
Horus on its logo, and Air India has the Maharaja.

This is a groundbreaking discovery, and if you don't agree
with it, you don't know what you are missing. We can now try
to relate Harappan signs to Egyptian hieroglyphs. Like adding
namak and mirchi to taste, we can throw into this ancient
kichri, the Phoenicians, the Babylonians, the Canaanites, the
Hebrews, the Hittites, the Mittani, and the sundry adventurer
who took a wrong turn somewhere. Then, via Aramaic, we can
find some connection of Harappan signs to Kharoshti and Brahmi.
Extremely fascinating, no? :-))

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