Afghan, Baloch and Brahui

Narayan R. Joshi giravani at JUNO.COM
Wed Oct 18 02:00:41 UTC 2000

Dr.H.W.Bellew(TheRacesofAfghanistan,1880,London)reported that Afghan names
of Saraban, Sharjyan, and Khrishyun were the Rajput names of Suryaban,
Surjan,and Krishan,and that Moslems adapted the last two to Sharf-ud-din
and Kheyr-ud-din.Brahui languages is related to Dravidian group.What are
the origins of the words Brahui and Baloch? Is Baloch a Dravidian name? Is
there a demarcation line on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan east of
which there exists a Dravidian sub-stratum and west of which no Dravidian
sub-stratum. Due to Dravidian connection of Brahui,it was proposed that
there was Dravidian aggression on India from the region of Mediterranean
Sea prior to Aryan aggression.Before the time of the patriarch Abraham the
Hebrew (roughly 2000BC)the name of Hurrian governor of Jerusalem was Abdi-
Kheba(servantofGoddess)and there were Hurrian guards protecting the temple
of the Goddess sitting on the lion.Hindu worship of Lord Shiv and Goddess
is identified as the Dravidian origin.Mr. Sathur Sekaran in his book
"African Languages"(International Liguistic Center, Madras, 600024, India)
showed relationship of Tamil to MiddleEast languages all way to Africa.Does
this mean that the Shiv and Goddess worship, Vijayadashami and Tamil
language were brought to India during Dravidian/Semitic aggression? Is the
name Abdi-Kheba a Dravidian/Tamil name? Thanks. N.R.Joshi

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