Semitic origin of Hindu Vijayadashamee

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 18 00:12:29 UTC 2000

>proven facts. Not at all so! While reading their original (not quoted
>or condensed) versions, these monumental unscientific proclamations
>glare at the reader. As a trained scientist with 25 years of schooling
>+ 25 years of scientific analytical expertise, I can't find any
>objective scientific spirit nor scientific history in these guesses.

Sam, Sam, Sam, you should really take a look at the files on
the scope and rules of this list, available at the Indology
website. Also do a search on the list archives for the
keywords scientist, mathematician, physicist, engineer etc.
With your educational qualifications and affiliations, you
already paint yourself into a corner, irrespective of what
you have to say.

You should also be aware of a few trends. The top-ten list of
people who are specially susceptible to the most unbelievable
fantasies is populated almost exclusively by engineers and
scientists. The top candidates among these pesky little
creatures are of course the Indians, and among these Indians,
those who have emigrated abroad. It is a cause of great worry
(or should be) for education policy czars and czarinas in India,
you know. Never mind that a recently dethroned czarina seems
to have done precious little since 1968, to appropriately
update Indian history education.

And don't you know, anyone with an Indian name who questions
the Western fantasies of a bygone era has suspicious motives
with respect to contemporary Indian politics? By the way, as
a topic of discussion, Indian politics is off-limits on this
list, except when you want to talk about someone you don't
like. As a person of Indian origin and as a scientist, you had
better constantly clarify where you stand, in case you ever
feel the need to refer to politics. If you know of a Westerner
who so much as views some of these things sympathetically, he
is clearly "New Age" and not "mainstream", even if he is a
retired professor from a Canadian university, even if his works
have been published by an American university press with a South
Asia specialization, and even if he has published in standard
journals. In a nutshell, watch the company you keep, lest you
be judged.

Take care,

ps. In case anyone is wondering about the last paragraph, I've
got one name - Klaus K. Klostermaier. He has obviously sinned
in some unknown manner, according to a newsmagazine that has
emerged as the premier Indological journal in India.

pps. Guess where the son of Irfan Habib, the Marxist Indian
historian, is located now, and what he does for a living? Lo
and behold, he lives in U.S.A., the country that successfully
demonized Marxism, and works in elementary particle physics at
the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Calls himself
"Ubermensch" and also a "Shivaist", don't ask me why. Sounds
like one of those people Indian educationists should be worried
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