SV: Semitic origin of Hindu Vijayadashamee

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Vidyasankar Sundaresan [SMTP:vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 18. oktober
2000 02:12:
> Sam, Sam, Sam, you should really take a look at the files on
> the scope and rules of this list, available at the Indology
> website. Also do a search on the list archives for the
> keywords scientist, mathematician, physicist, engineer etc.
> With your educational qualifications and affiliations, you
> already paint yourself into a corner, irrespective of what
> you have to say.

I have said this before, but apparently it needs saying again: The only
thing we expect of engineers, physicists, mathematicians etc. with an
Indological itch is to do their homework. That is, read the relevant
research material on a given topic and state their critique in a civilized,
academic manner. There are engineers etc. who actually manage to do this.
Imagine the reverse situation: LMF reads two thin volumes on popular
physics (e.g. "Electrons for Everybody", "Physics Even Mom Could Do"),
thinks deeply about what he has learned for a couple of days and then
lashes out at seasoned scientists for not seeing what has become obvious to
him. Like: electrons are not what you think they are, they are quite to the
[feel free to imagine an impossible theory].

I am sorry for the parody, but this is precisely the impression some
engineers etc. create on this list. I am afraid that even sensible
engineers etc. get lumped together with the all-too-imaginative-and-naive,
but there it is: this is the mechanism behind all prejudice. We are not
better than the rest of humankind.

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