Semitic origin of Hindu Vijayadashamee

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On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:47:54 +0100, Arun Gupta
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>The Indo-Aryans were promised frequent horse-rider miles if they travelled
>from the ancestral homeland to India via Jerusalem, Babylon, Hattusas
>instead of by direct route.
>They accepted this travel plan, and that explains most of Indian history.
Is there a source or reference that **scientifically** proves or
substantiates this postulation - not blind superstitions to fit it and
their repetitions sine die? Link shown on my earlier message (Research
on the Origin of Jews by Matlock) discusses the time before Jews or
Jerusalem. So why any would frequently go there where no civilization

One problem with today's field of Indology is the sandbag of the early
Indologists. With all due respect, fact is fact: the early Indologists
were no scientists compared to the scientists of Physics, Metallurgy,
Math or Chemistry or any other field of science then or now. Their work
was primarily Church centered. Hence Indologists' work on a scientific
scale sounds as fiction compared to the works of a Laplace, Newton, or
Einstein, wherein logic and reason are built on straightforward
fundamental axioms such as 1+1 = 2 only, and not speculations or mere
assertions. Such speculations are in every page of the 19th century
Indology works. Many of these gusses we today take as scientifically
proven facts. Not at all so! While reading their original (not quoted
or condensed) versions, these monumental unscientific proclamations
glare at the reader. As a trained scientist with 25 years of schooling
+ 25 years of scientific analytical expertise, I can't find any
objective scientific spirit nor scientific history in these guesses.

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