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Fri Oct 6 08:28:38 UTC 2000

Professor Lars Martin Fosse,
I was just doing an initial inquire on the same subject, so I can share
with you my until-now findings.

A) The newest material which I have examined and selected is the following:

J.N. Mohanty, Bina Gupta (Ed.), Philosophical Questions : East and West
(Philosophy and the Global Context), Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2000.

J.N. Mohanty, Classical Indian Philosophy, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,

J.N. Mohanty, Self and the Other, OUP India,  2000.

J.N. Mohanty, Classical Indian Philosophy: An Introductory Text, Rowman &
Littlefield Publishers, 1999.

J. N. Mohanty, Bina Gupta (Editor), Explorations in Indian Philosophy, OUP
India, 1999.

B. Carr (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Routledge, London
1998, 10 voll. (many entries are dedicated to indian philosophical issues,
and are compiled by important experts in the particular field, as B.K.
Matilal, W. Halbfass, etc.).

Ben-Ami Scharfestein, A comparative history of world philosophy: from the
Upanishads to Kant, SUNY, Albany 1998.

B. Carr, I. Mahalingam (Ed.), Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy,
Routledge, Londra 1997.

Eliot Deutsch (ed.), A Companion to World Philosophies, Blackwell,
Cambridge 1997. (entries on indian philosophy).

Roy W. Perrett, Hindu Ethics: A Philosophical Study, (Monographs of the
Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, 17), Univeristy of Hawaii
Press, 1998.

F.M. Kirkland, D.P. Chattopadhyaya, Phenomenology: East and West. Essay in
honour of J.N. Mohanty, Dordrecht, Kluver 1997.

Daya Krishna, The problematic and conceptual structure of classical indian
thought about man, society and polity, Oxfrod University Press, Delhi 1996.

J.N. Mohanty, P. Bilimoria (Editor), Essays on Indian Philosophy,
Traditional and Modern, , Oxford University Press, Delhi 1994.

William J. Jackson (ed.), J.L. Mehta on Heidegger, Hermeneutics and Indian
Tradition, Brill, Leiden 1992.

B) Then, there are interesting papers on Journals that are discussing about
the state-of-art about indian philosophy:

R.W. Perret, Truth, Relativism and Western conceptions of indian
philosophy, in "Asian Philosophy", 1(8), Marzo 1998, pp. 19-29.

Amita Chatterjee, Truth in Indian Philosophy, in Eliot Deutsch (ed.), A
Companion to World Philosophies, Blackwell, Cambridge 1997.

S. Jayandra, Intercultural relevance of some moments in the history of
Indian philosophy, in Topoi, 1(17), Marzo 1998, pp. 49-55.

C) THere are more "classical" works as you surely know, but still sometime
neglected, as for example:

Bimal Krishna Matilal, Logic, Language and Reality: an Introduction to
Indian Philosophical Studies, Motilal Banarsidass, 1985 (second Ed. 1990).

Bimal Krishna Matilal, The Word and the World: India's contribution to the
Study of Language, Oxford University Press, Delhi 1990.

I hope that this help.
Best regards,
Dr. Federico Squarcini

PS. I'll procede on my searching on the issue, and if you like I can update
you sometime in the future. Let me know.

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