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Thu Oct 5 09:41:49 UTC 2000

>Buddha was almost certainly of Tibeto-Burman or Mon-Khmer stock.
>Buddha's birthplace being located well inside Nepal

And I guess Siddhartha is a common Mongolian name and the gotram name
Gautama, a common extent gotram of brahmins even today, is a common
Mongolian name! Also how about MAyAdevi or RAhula or Suddhodana?

Also note the historical account of SAkhyas committing incest to
preserve the purity of the line quoted with pride by Gautama. And
how would you explain Gautama's familiarity with brahmanical
traditions, other Indian philosophical systems and his early brahmin
teachers Alara Kalama and Uddhaka Ramaputta (brahmins in 500 BC
teaching brahma vidya to mlecchas?).

Also if he wasn't Indian, why did he not move east into Tibet/Burma - the
land of his peoples in search of enlightenment, but rather moved towards the
traditional "Hindu" holy place of VAranasi, attain his enlightenment in Gaya
and spend forty years spreading his "purAna Arya dharma" in India - an alien

And the Buddha's religion is not some primitive religion based merely
on mystical experience. His is a sophisticated religion grounded in
subtle dialectic and metaphysics with a well defined path towards
salvation (this kind of salvation itself is pretty unique to India).
Such a religion could hardly be a product of peoples lacking a well
developed spiritual and philosophical consciousness - so Tibet and
Burma which only received the religion almost a milleneum after
the Buddha can be ruled out.

Yes, I'm aware that people will still concoct reasons how all this was
possible, but still it is much more natural when you assume he was a
"Hindu" kshatriya.

>I believe that upper caste Hindus can and should have their `Hindu
> >Rashtra'.Partition is the only solution to the Hindu-Muslim conflict,
> >because time and again we see that Hindus and Muslims cannot live
> >together - they just start killing one another.

On the contrary I think that it is a test of "Hindu" tolerance and civility
to live peacefully with people of other religions - ofcourse we've no
problem and it is pretty natural for us. We just have to make sure that
"vested" interests do not incite the minorities and make them unreasonable
and anti-national and exploit our tolerance.
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