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My suggestions:

Wilhelm Halbfass, all of his publications! One important book that is not
listed in many catalogs is his Studies in Kumarila and Sankara, Monographie
no. 9, Reinbek, Inge Wezler, 1982. His 1992 book on Vaiseshika is a welcome
addition to the study of a little-explored school.

Bimal Krishna Matilal, likewise - everything he ever wrote. Particularly see
Nyaya-Vaiseshika (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 1977), Navya Nyaya (Harvard
University Press, 1968) and Jainism (Ahmedabad: L. D. Institute of Indology,
1981). Comparative material - Logic, language and reality: an introduction
to Indian philosophical studies, Delhi, MLBD, 1985.

Comparative - Nyaya-Mimamsa-Vedanta:

Purushottama Bilimoria, Sabdapramana, word and knowledge, Dordrecht/Boston,
Kluwer, 1988.


Gerald Larson, Classical Samkhya, an interpretation of its history and
meaning, Delhi, MLBD 1979.

Ian Whicher, The integrity of the Yoga darsana, SUNY Press, 1998.

Gaspar Koelman, Patanjala yoga, from related ego to absolute self, Poona,
Papal Athaneum, 1970.

Barbara Stoler Miller, Yoga, the discipline of freedom, NY, Bantam Books,
1998. A must read, the translation is beautiful.

Georg Feuerstein, Philosophy of classical Yoga, Rochester, Inner Traditions
International, 1996.

Advaita/Dvaita Vedanta:, and

Pick and choose, but see particularly the sections titled "General

I can't think of anything very noteworthy in Mimamsa published recently, but
see Ganganatha Jha's translations from 1930-40. For Visishtadvaita, S. M. S.
Chari's MLBD publications, and John Carman's Theology of Ramanuja, Yale
Univ. Press, 1974.

Finally, taazaa khabar can be had from - the online version
of Vol. 1 of Karl Potter's Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (updated as
recently as last week). No search facility incorporated, but if you are
looking for a particular author or subject, this is the most extensive
collection available to date.


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