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Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Thu Oct 5 06:40:07 UTC 2000

Stephen Hodge wrote: "It is not at all clear whether the inhabitants of
> the Shakyan polity ... were of Indo-Aryan origin [as it's] still
> inhabited by many people of Tibeto-Burman or Austro-Asiatic ethnicity.

 Agreed: Buddha was almost certainly of Tibeto-Burman or Mon-Khmer stock.
Buddha's birthplace being located well inside Nepal [
http://home.att.net/~alterity/Buddh_Intro/Pages/N_India_Map.html ] and
Nepal being still dominated by persons of Mongoloid origin, this seals the
case. Many non-Aryan warrior tribes (including Mongoloids) are loosely
referred to as `Kshatriya' - the Sakas, Huns and Parthians were designated
as such, and indeed Muslims were also dubbed a kind of `Kshatriya'.
Fuehrer himself believes that Buddha was of mixed IA-Mongoloid stock.
This would render him a `non-Arya' - and indeed the Sakyas were
considered as such because they could not inter-marry with other

nanda chandran wrote: "Buddhism is a peaceful and passive religion so
> folded up under the onslaught of Islam."

 For examples of destruction of Buddhist shrines, one does not even
have to look. Tthe birthplace of Buddha itself is such an example:
  " the temple of Maya Devi was constructed over the
  foundations of more than one earlier temple or stupa, and that this
  temple was probably built on an Ashokan stupa itself."

This indicates repeated destructions, and repeated reconstructions by
Buddhists. Apparently, the Buddhists lost the struggle in the end, for
after the final destruction of Lumbini in the 4th century AD, the region
was desolate until re-discovered in 1895, by Feuhrer [ his orig. paper is
at :  http://pears2.lib.ohio-state.edu/FULLTEXT/JR-ENG/buh.htm ]

This is what Fuehrer himself writes "for in Fahien's time, about A.D.
400, the country was already a wilderness" [ above url ].  Any psecs and
sevaks wish to volunteer theories for a `Muslim destruction' of
Lumbini in 400 AD before the rise of Islam ? Perhaps, one may find such a
theory in one of Romila Thapar's books. I can well imagine her, dismissing
Fuehrer's statement as `100 years old' and blaming `bearded Talibans in
300 AD' for it.

 Further information about the long-term destruction of Buddhism can be
found at the political website of the Mongol National Organisation from
Nepal [ http://members.tripod.com/~GopalGurung/ ]. Gopal Gurung lists
dozens of Buddhist shrines which have been destroyed in recent years and
in days long past.

P.Anand : "Should we ignore all that you have to say about Hinduism just
>  because you have a Muslim sounding name ? I think not."

 Nice to meet open-minded persons from the other side. Unfortunately,
those who are not as friendly form the majority.

nanda chandran wrote:
> Are you saying Vishal and I are the same person?

  I did not say that, just meant to say that it is easy to hide behind a
hotmail address, that is all. And new hotmail addresses pop up again and
again and then disappear. Vishal Agarwal has been expelled. And some other
persons on this list are members of VHP etc. - the statement was not aimed
at you. Of course anybody can see that you are a South Indian - your posts
are far too mild. We all know that you are just a software engineer and
part-time sympathiser of RSS.

  BTW I consider psecs more of a threat to Muslims than Hindutvadins.
All that these guys are doing is to prolong the conflict and increase
suffering on both sides by forcing different religions to co-exist. I
believe that upper caste Hindus can and should have their `Hindu Rashtra'.
Partition is the only solution to the Hindu-Muslim conflict, because time
and again we see that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together - they just
start killing one another.

nanda chandran wrote:
> Samar, please, can we have the URLs [of Islamist sites]?

 Ok, will start collecting and post them soon, (did not imagine that there
would be demand for such sites among this audience !). Since attacks on
Hindu Gods cannot be termed as `Indology', and these sites are highly
offensive, I will have to make a separate post with adequate warnings.


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