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Ramadas dasa at ONE.NET.AU
Fri Oct 6 00:48:09 UTC 2000

I was under the impression that this site was called "Indology". In the past
it was devoted to discussions on Indology, but lately there has been a shift
in emphasis. Many who have had thoughts and ideas contrary to the
Eurocentric norm have been banned, and now it seems that the list will be
inundated by spam not related to the avowed scope of the list. Oh well, in
the past there have been highs which became lows which once again became
highs, so I guess we will just have to weather the storm and hope that one
day Indology will once again become the focus of the list.

Surely it would be more appropriate if the message below was conducted "off
site" so as not to incite the racial and religious hatred and diatribes
which could/would surely result from such postings.


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From: "Samar Abbas" <abbas at IOPB.RES.IN>

> nanda chandran wrote:
> > Samar, please, can we have the URLs [of Islamist sites]?
>  Ok, will start collecting and post them soon, (did not imagine that there
> would be demand for such sites among this audience !). Since attacks on
> Hindu Gods cannot be termed as `Indology', and these sites are highly
> offensive, I will have to make a separate post with adequate warnings.

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