Rajaram episode (was: Re: Rajaram unrepentent!)

Vanbakkam Vijayaraghavan vijay at VOSSNET.CO.UK
Sun Oct 1 18:38:39 UTC 2000

Mr.Ganesan quotes from Robb to "prove" BJP, RSS and it's "parivar" are
fascist. Similar thoughts have been expressed in the article of Witzel and
framer as an extension of Rajaram episode

It is ironic the word "fascist" is bandied about with abandon at Indian
political parties . RSS and it's "front end" have been in power for a
number of years. But apparently no "fascist" action has been noticed. Which
self-respecting fascist party goes through no-confidence motion and loses
by 1 vote and takes it's gracefully as BJP-RSS did 2 years back. Which self-
respecting fascist party would show respect for constituional and legal
norms and not kick out other parties from power like BJP-RSS had co-existed
with other parties at state levels.

Now unfortunately the word "fascist" has become a tool in the hands of
oppurtunistic western liberal imperilism. During the 1030s when the actual
fascist beast appeared in Europe Indologists helped Nazi ideas and helped
Nazi race theories. Even before that during early 1900s with some help from
Indologists, "non-Aryans" like Indians and even South Europeans from
immiograting into the US. In an infamous judgement delivered by a US judge,
Indian immigrants were kept out of the US due to being "non-aryans"

During the actual time of fascism and racism , Indology has helped
unsavoury ideogies. As a reaction against this murky past, it throws
accusations of "fascism" against responsible political and social groups in

The oppurtunism of this western liberal imperilism can be seen in the fact
that Turkey is not considered fascist, even though if anyomne questions the
official line of Turkish nationhood and ethnicity one can be put in jail.
Why? because Turkey is military ally of the west and a member of European
community. Whereas India os a fair game to rubbish it's social and politcal
movements because it is a non-western country.

But I will stop here. The only point I wish to make is that Indology , as a
western study, too easily projects and fights it's own fascist ghosts on
the Indian scene

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