Rajaram episode (was: Re: Rajaram unrepentent!)

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 1 13:13:58 UTC 2000

>All this would be simply crackpot fun if Rajaram's writings
>didn't have a nasty fascist edge to it, and weren't meant to
>mobilize the Indian masses. Stay tuned to Rajaram's definitive
>deconstruction in a cover story written by Michael Witzel and me,
>with a backup article from Romila Thapar, that will hit the
>magazine stands in India later this week. Pretty cover, too!

Dear Dr. Farmer,

Nearly two years ago (1-Jan-99), I posted here scholarly work
about the early history of Hindu nationalist and Fascism
quoted from P. Robb, The concept of Race in South Asia,
Oxford UP, 1997,

"Savarkar expressed a certain attraction for European fascism.
In 1938, the year after he became president of the Hindu Mahasabha,
he congratulated Hitler during a public meeting in Delhi for
having 'liberated' the Sudetans who shared the 'same blood
and same tongue' as the Germans. At the same time, Hindu
Outlook (the Hindu Mahasabha mouthpiece) and Mahratta (one of
Tilak's newspapers, edited by N.C. Kelkar, an active Hindu
Sabhaite) praised Franco and Mussolini as well as Hitler.
   Some Hindu Sabhaites had had direct contacts with European
fascists since the early 1930s. When Moonje (Tilak's
lieutenant at Nagpur, who became president of the Hindu
Mahasabha in 1927) journeyed to London to attend the first
Round table Conference, he went to Italy in order "to see the
working of the Ballila movement", It seems that he met
Hitler and had an interview with Mussolini, who was
pleased to show him his military institutions".

Prior to this mail, I pointed to Dr. Fosse a citation where
Christophe Jaffrelot discusses how Mr. Golwalkar
makes Bihar and Orissa as the home of Aryans which
G. claimed to have been the ancient North Pole also.
Plate tectonics then, and nowadays it is photos
from NASA satellites!

Now you have shown the trustworthiness of
Rajaram's Indus "horse" in his lobors to "prove"
that IVC was the Aryan home which gave birth to
all of world civilization and culture.



   P. Robb, The concept of Race in South Asia, Oxford UP, 1997, p. 342:

     "In order to make this point without contradicting prestigious
     predecessors such as Tilak, Golwalkar concedes that the 'Aryans,
     i.e., the Hindus, lived in the region of the North Pole'.
     But he argues that modern palaeontological researches demonstrate
     the the North Pole is not stationary, and that 'quite long
     ago it was in that part of the world, we find, is called Bihar
     and Orissa at the present' [59]
     [59] Golwalkar, We, or our nationhood defined, p. 13.
     Interestingly, this theory has been introduced in the history
     textbooks in the States controlled between 1990 and 1992 by
     the Bharatiya Janata Party, the political front of the R.S.S."

N. Ganesan

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