Rajaram episode

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 1 00:42:56 UTC 2000

Vidyasankar wrote about Rajaram and his co-passengers:
 >Rajaram & co. are part of India's ruling elites?? That is
 >news to me, and to many others on this list.

Prof. Witzel pointed to how Rajaram is big amog India's rulers:
To many, but not to all!

Rajaram recently boasted to some of us that he has many friends in
the Indian Government and that the Union Government has "advised"
the National Book Trust to bring out his "popular  book"  'From
Sarasvati River to the Indus Script' in English and thirteen  other
languages." (Sanskrit seems to be missing? -- I hope the Book Trust
will at least fill in the article!)

For my reply with quotes of Dr. Ambedkar, see

Anyone reading Rajaram's artciles in websites like
"sword of truth" and,  he is often writing in Pioneer...
Are they not the mouthpieces of RSS, HVK etc.,? and
are they not ruling India? His theoretical formulations
go a long way among the ruling Hindu nationalist rulers.
The political propaganda with his "Piltdown Horse"
etc.,  & using news media and popular books which are
read by millions, (acc. to Rajaram himself) must be
countered in India by Indologists like  Witzel &

Hope the Frontline article reaches many Indians,
and not blocked by the powerful.

Thanks and with regards,
N. Ganesan

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