Kabir For Hindu Temple Library?

Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun May 21 12:52:38 UTC 2000

On Sun, 21 May 2000, Samar Abbas wrote:

> On Sat, 20 May 2000, Bijoy Misra wrote:
> > To state Kabir is despised by Hindus would be a great distortion...
> > None of the Kabir's work will raise eyebrows anywhere.
> I quote from the article cited earlier
> (http://www.secularindia.com/sangh_parivar_sena_target_secular1.htm )
> It is the Hindu Brahmins of the Sangh, who represent all Hindus, and not
> Western-educated software programmers.

I would have argued my points some more, but am alarmed by your statement
above.  How many software programmers you know and how many are western
educated?  Argument and logic based on such generalization sound gross.

I guess you have right to your views.  They look distorted to me.



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