Kabir For Hindu Temple Library?

Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Sun May 21 06:53:34 UTC 2000

On Sat, 20 May 2000, Bijoy Misra wrote:
> To state Kabir is despised by Hindus would be a great distortion...
> None of the Kabir's work will raise eyebrows anywhere.

I quote from the article cited earlier
(http://www.secularindia.com/sangh_parivar_sena_target_secular1.htm )

 " The banner which sparked the events carried one of Kabir's famous
   couplets which translates as, "a low-caste leather worker who has a
   guru is better than a high-caste Brahmin without one." This "triggered
   off a campaign against the Kabir panthis" and in the month that
   followed, "15 of their ashrams located all over the state were burnt
   and damaged by Shiv Sainiks and Sangh Parivar activists". "

Here we find the Sangh Parivar, the organisation recognised as following
the purest form of Orthodox Hinduism, burning not one but 15 Kabirpanthi
ashrams when one of Kabir's verses were displayed on a banner. Here, not
only does Kabir raise eye-brows, but his verses actually cause intense
anger and hatred. I cannot predict the future, but I have warned those
wishing to include Kabir's works in a `Hindu' library. The library appears
to be in the West, and it is likely that Kabir's works will be included
without any untoward incident. However, things in India are different.

It is the Hindu Brahmins of the Sangh, who represent all Hindus, and not
Western-educated software programmers. It is thus their judgement which
determines who is a Hindu and who is not.

> I come from Puri in India ...

Even neo-Hindu Vaishnavas from ISCKON are not permitted to enter the
Jagannath temple of Puri. Kabripanthis are also probably debarred from
entering the Hindu temple, as were (till recently) all Dalits. Muslims of
course cannot come anywhere near the place, even if they are Dilip Kumars.
I make sure that the only temples I visit are nastik Shaiva, Shakta or
Tantric ones. I have never violated any Orthodox Hindu law, no matter
what my more liberal westernised elite friends try - some have even
offered to smuggle me into some Vaishnava temples. As a result, Orthodox
Brahmins have commended my behaviour, and condemned the treachery of the
Western-educated elite Hindus who preach secularism.

> Kabir was a part of core literature while we were in school in India.

Kindly remember that the school curriculum in India is dominantly
Pseudo-Secular; the importance of persons such as Kabir, who preached
communal harmony is emphasised in school curricula, and their importance
grossly exaggerated. Indeed, only 5 % of all Hindus accept the Sufi
saints, proof indeed that the composite culture hypothesis is false.

 The books by Arun Shourie `Eminent Historians' and 'Myths of Composite
Culture and Equality of Religions' by Harsh Narain
expose the historical distortions practiced by the Pseudo-Secularists.

> Kabir is a precursor to Nanak.  God does not sit in
> temples or mosques.  God is in us and God is in a name.

Noble thoughts, and may well be correct from the philosphical point of
view. But this is only accepted by 5 % of traditional Hindus, and the 1-2
% educated Westernised Indian elite. Bijoy, kindly remember that your
elitist views do not necessarily reflect the mainstream traditional Hindu
view of the middle classes.


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