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Mon May 1 08:04:53 UTC 2000

>>The young Vaasudeva was named Puur.napraj;na and later
>>became Aanandatiirtha (there you have another such name ending:
>>-tiirtha); he finally gave himself the name 'Madhva'
>I think you've mixed up the Dvaita philosopher with the Advaita philosopher
>of the same name.

Nanda, the confusion is entirely on your part. madhva is not mAdhava. The
author(s) of Pancadasi, Sarva-darsana-sangraha etc. were all named mAdhava
(note the A), not madhva. One of these mAdhava-s is also identified with
vidyAraNya, but that is questionable. madhva of the Dvaita school was a very
different person. Although, Max Weber (The Religion of India, orig in
German, translated into English) glibly conflates the two, and makes the
doubly or triply outrageous assertion that the Christian-influenced,
heterodox Vaishnava school of Dvaita gained ground because madhva was the
head of the Sringeri Matha.

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