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Mon May 1 05:24:51 UTC 2000

R Zydenbos writes :
>The young Vaasudeva was named Puur.napraj;na and later
>became Aanandatiirtha (there you have another such name ending:
>-tiirtha); he finally gave himself the name 'Madhva'

I think you've mixed up the Dvaita philosopher with the Advaita philosopher
of the same name. My reference was to the latter who is supposed to have
founded the Vijayanagar Empire and acted as its prime minister. Later he's
said to have renounced life and had become the pontiff of the Shringeri math
under the name, "VidhyAranya". His works include Panchadasi, Shankara dig
Vijaya etc. He is also considered to be the uncle of MadhvAchArya of the
Sarva Darshana Samgraha fame. Well, we've one too many Madhvas I guess!
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