Comparative linguistics (Addendum)

Roland Steiner steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Tue Mar 28 11:46:15 UTC 2000

In my previous post I forgot to type in the last half-sentence:

>> Many lay critics, also on this list, for some reason
>> believe that the human sciences are stagnant and rigid.
> Not the human sciences but, certainly, the all too human scientists
> certainly can appear that way.

Without further argumentation, data, and information in the
course of the investigation "probable" remains "probable", "likely"
only "likely", "perhaps" only "perhaps", etc. Some problems arise
if author A says that XY is "not completely impossible", author B
(on the authority of A) writes that XY is "possible", author C (on
the shoulders of B) states that XY is "likely", whereas D
("quoting" C) declares, that XY has been proved. I think that D
certainly will not appear stagnant and rigid, but all too human.

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