Alternative theories. was: Date of Jyotisa Vedanga

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Mar 28 19:46:28 UTC 2000

At 06:49 PM 03/23/2000 +0100, K. Elst wrote:

>Scientists continually, or at least periodically, question their own most
>basic assumptions in the light of recent findings.

Right, so do Indologists, provided the findings warrant it.

>  Unlike on
>some other matters, this [Sandrokottos] is one in which I don't have a
decided opinion,

It's good that you clarified this, because it certainly looks like you do
have a decided opinion. You are using it as one of your arguments against
the JV date.

>though of course underdog opinions have my sympathy.

It is interesting that you should say this.  You come across as trying to
defend (almost) every alternative explanation, even if you sometimes agree
they are far-fetched. Is it because of the shock value you think they might
have against "the establishment"?  To question assumptions is part of the
process of research, and this implies looking at alternative explanations.
 But if you pile up alternative explanations that don't have firm bases you
end up with a house of cards.  It could become iconoclasm for iconoclasm's
sake (maybe a strong Uranus?).


Luis Gonzalez-Reimann

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