Pandita Ramabai

Stuart Ray Sarbacker srsarbac at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Mon Mar 27 23:06:32 UTC 2000

Dear Indologists,

Prof. Gudrun Buhnemann has asked me to post a message asking whether
anybody can identify the following two unattributed Sanskrit quotations in
Pandita Ramabai's work.

1) "But my friend, once and for all make this decision: 'Karyam va
sadhayeyam, deham va patayeyam' (that is, 'Either I shall accomplish my
task or I shall renounce my body'); and face up to your enemies and
adversities such as despair."

2) "I only appreciated the true worth of these old kinsmen and friends of
ours however when I met them after a long, long time in a foreign country
like America.  Before this I had never understood so clearly the meaning of
the verse, 'Mosquitoes cause more hurt by humming in the ear than by
sucking the blood--rudhiradanadadhikam dunoti karne kvanan masakah.'"

If you can, please forward your responses to Dr. Buhnemann:

Gudrun Buhnemann <gbuhnema at>

I will forward any responses posted on the list to her as well.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

Best Wishes,

Stuart Sarbacker

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