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Vishvanath Kashinath Rajvade, the Marathi historian and scholar of
Jnaneshwari was born on June 24 1863 and died on Jan 1, 1927.  His older
brother Vaijnath Kashinath Rajvade was the scholar who worked on the RV
and the Nirukta.  He was born on Feb 27, 1860 and died on December 17,
1944.  The obituary notice about the latter may be found in the Annals of
the BORI, vol 25, 1944 (published in 1945), pp. 266-268.  The younger
Rajvade was known more widely among the scholars of the history of Marathi
and Maharashtra.  A biography of his has been published by S.S. Puranik in
Marathi: Vizvanaath Kaazinaath Raajavaa.de : Vyaktitva kart.rtva va
vicaar, Raviraj Prakashan, Pune, 1989.
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On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Klaus Karttunen wrote:

> on 12th March Harry Spier asked about emendations proposed by V. K. Rajvade
> to the Rigveda. In am not a Vedicist enough to answer this, but he also
> added a second question:
> "Would this be the same V, K, Rajvade who discovered the Jnaneshwari
> manuscript?"
> While I do not know the answer, I can at least surmise it:
> The Vedic scholar was probably Vaijanath Kashinath Rajvade, who also wrote
> the study Words in the Rigveda, Poona 1932. The Marathi scholar seems to be
> Visvanatha Kashinath Rajvade (1860-1944). Igf somebody knows more (or more
> correctly), for instance the dates of birth and death of the first, I would
> appreciate.
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