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Fri Mar 24 11:27:05 UTC 2000

For a critical review of S.S. Misra's theories, see:  H.H. Hock, "Out of
India?  The Linguistic Evidence", in Aryan and Non-Aryan in India, edited
by Bronkhorst and Deshpande, Harvard Oriental Series, Opera Minora, Vol.
3, 1999.
                                        Madhav Deshpande

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, S.Kalyanaraman wrote:

> Prof. Kochar has not refuted the views of Prof. Satya Swarup Misra who has
> presented a well-argued thesis on IE out of Bharat. I will separately present
> a detailed list of etyma evaluated by Prof. Misra. "...That the Gypsy
> languages are of Indo-Aryan origin is no more controversial...the Gypsy
> dialects present sufficient evidence, which shows that Indo-Aryan a changed
> into a,e,o in European Gypsy. Thus in a way the linguistic change in Gypsy,
> suggests a clear picture of an assumption for a similar change in
> Proto-Indo-European stage, of Indo-European a (as shown by Sanskrit and as
> reconstructed by Bopp, Sleicher etc.) into dialectical a,e,o (as shown by Gk.
> etc.). Uptil now no evidence to the contrary is available that
> Proto-Indo-European a,e,o (as reconstructed by Brugmann etc.) have merged in
> India...Gypsy languages show a repetition of the linguistic change, which
> occurred in a remote history of Indo-Europeanj, when the original groups,
> speakers of various historical languages, left their original homeland (India)
> and travelled to Europe...the borrowed elements in the Uralic languages show
> borrowed R.gvedic forms in 5000 BC...the date of RV must be beyond 5000 BC..."
> [Satya Swarup Misra, The Aryan Problem: A Linguistic Approach, Munshiram,
> Delhi, 1992, pp. 81,82,94]
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